I think I am, therefore, I am....I think

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Parents who are perfectionist want to control their child 's behavior, thought, & emotion according to their thought. Such kind of parents think that only they are right. They refuse to listen to what their children say. It is one thing interrupting your kid when they are continously talking back or being rude and another thing when they just want to make a simple statement or state their opinion.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Yesterday we watched a movie. In our house your not supposed to talk when a movie is on and when you do my dad raises the volume notch by notch until the conversations end. it can be blasting in your ear and his stubborness will take over and he will refuse to lower it, even when someone repeatedly asks him to lower it. In our house, if its ok with dad, then it should be ok with everyone.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Peace No Respect

The annoying moments when you feel you do more than your parents or parent or DAD!!!!
Can't stand hypocrites
Too much yelling in this house
Can't hear myself think
When people don't let you speak
Parents abuse their power !!
Look forward to being home alone!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yesterday I got flashed in the ladies locker room at Planet Fitness. I was with my sister and we walk in to put our stuff in a locker. There are two women talking about random things like work or etc. While she's still talking one of them takes off her shirt. But then she takes off her bra which I wasn't expecting. It was the most awkward thing and she was still talking to the other woman. She's putting on her sports bra and there was a changing room literally 5 steps away. Of course my sisters tying her shoe this whole time and I was the one that saw. Why does it always have to be me??

Sunday, January 13, 2013

TWD Suicide King

*Spoiler Warning*

Supposibly, Darryl survives from Woodbury maybe with Andreas
help, but there is a scene of him ignoring Andrea. Theres no information on his brother though. Tyrese's group think about overtaking carol, carl, hershel and beth. Axel gets shot and carol is under fire. The citizens of Woodbury leave and head to the prison. Rick, Carl and michonne go back for Darryl but finds everyone left. Carl wants his dad to stop being the leader. Andrea sees the true govener and may change sides. Glenn and Michone team up.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apples to War

I remembered the time my brother(23) started screaming an getting all defensive over an apples to apples game. I jst wanted to post about this so i can look back at this and think how stupid it all was.
This is how it all started. My brother wanted me to make him a drink from the blender but i said no. When i came back with a drink of milk, he thought i made a special drink but not him one, and thought i was being selfish. So he took my cup and started walking to the kitchen and i followed him. He pushed me so i pushed back and then he pushed me alot harder that the glass cup broke and i hit my jaw. My dad called us in because he wants to know what's going on. My brother is lying about the whole thing so I just start cleaning up the mess. Even when my brother stops arguing he still doesn't help me clean up the mess. Later we are all playing apples to apples it was my turn to be the judge and I didn't pick my brothers card so he says I did it in spite, when really i believed someones card made more sense. He just couldn't let it go. It's just a game he says I was wrong so I guess that implies he was right everytime he picked a card. Doesn't he realize its a game of opinion. He was yelling and screaming and pacing back and forth. It was so ridiculous. He eventually left because he said he wasn't going to play like this and it's unfair.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just be quiet

Its funny how a tiny thing as asking someone to take out the garbage can lead to a total argument with yelling that lasts 20 mins. Sometimes people should just do it and walk away and get over their ego and let it go.