I think I am, therefore, I am....I think

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Which LOTR Character am I??

.... Aragorn

Your a natural born leader-strong, wise, and confident. People trust you and follow you instinctively, even if you dont always make the right choice. You have the determination to overcome almost any obstacle, and though you arent the strongest or the smartest, you have the perfect blend of skills. You will be successfull in whatever you do in life.


Monday, July 9, 2012


Scene from Melissa and Joey:

Russel: Well lets be honest that face is wasted inside of a book.

Joey: What. Well your face is wasted stuck on your neck.!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thats all there is to say

I officilly cant stand people. I dont think i will be able to understand how rude, ignorant, pathetic, immature, selfish, irresponsable, inconsiderate, annoying, and bratty one person can be. Why cant people fight thir own battles but instead tell someone else? Why do people compain about EVERYTHING.

My brother Jonathan walked in my room to pet Ginger and i pause the tv to see if he is going to take her AGAIN. He comes to me and gives me a whole speech like he saw how my face was when i was looking at him. He kept repeating the same things over again.This is only part of it."Sarah you are NOTHING compared to me. You have no power and i can do anything i want to you and you cant do anything about it."  What the heck is wrong with his mind. I asked him does he even realize what he is saying. Who in their right mind says that to their sister or to anyone in that matter. I said " Jonathan i am really tired and i just want to go to sleep so can you please leave. Im not up for this right now."  I asked him does that mean i can stand in your room and when you ask me to leave i dont have to. He said no and that he can punch me in my face and i cant do anything to him. I just typed those words down and it just hit me. He is a jerk. He is psycho. HE is nothing and he will never change. He refuses to leave and says if he wants to pet ginger and talk to his girlfriend he can and i cant do anything about it. He said because of the way IM acting he is going to put ginger in his room tonight, tomorrow and the next day and im not going to be ble to do anything about it.  He said so many things in a short amount of time and it made me want to punch him in his face and not stop. But i sat there at the end of my bed thinking I hope with all might i dont turn out at all like him. He decides to go downstairs nd talk to mom about me. As he walks away he says "I want you to clean out another drawer for Rhianna (his girlfriend) and if you dont i will get someone else to make you. You complain about how her stuff is a mess in your room but you dont make room or it." I told him i didnt complain but simply asked her to clean it up and she even said no problem.

Talking about Rhianna, why couldnt she just come to me if she had a problem? Why is she such a bratty, selfish girl who has other people deal with her problems. She thinks she can get whatever she wants whenever she wants. She is staying with my family for the summer and treats us all like crap. She doesnt help out or offer anything. She comes home after work, complains about her day, eats OUR food, goes upstairs in MY room, goes on her crappy computer and her crappy pajama shorts and goes to bed all for FREE. I love how she complains to me and my sister about our brother (her boyfriend) but yet i know she talks bout us behind our backs. She uses people. I do not like her. I do not like him.