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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Review

Ok.... Where should i begin??

My dad is the parent who is over controlling. Everything has to be his way or the highway. He talks to us about our mom or my brother and will roll his eyes as if we are on his side agreeing with him. He can be a hypocrite and over dramatic about everything.

Jonathan just took my salad and ate it because when my mom was telling me to stop complaining about there being no food in the house he thought he was teaching me a lesson.  I love how he was complaining to me about the same exxact thing. He gets in peoples business and acts just like my dad sometimes.

My mom can be a little crazy sometimes. What really gets me annoyed is how she treats us all different. She is more strict with my sister and i than she  is with david and jonathan. She complains alot about things around the  house and how no one helps her which is not true.

David get away with about everything. If he does get caught its the same thing every time. He gets yelled at. He is told to say sorry. He does it again. THis happens all the time. SOmetimes i feel like punching him because he can hit, kick, talk horribly and no one does anything.

How You Doin???

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