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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh Man!!

On the road to vermont we stopped at friendlys to use the bathroom which is connected to a hotel. Of coourse no non hotel guests are alllowed in but we us it any way. WE go in thinking their is no one in there and start talking dramatic and saying how the hotel is AMAZING and how the roms and food are great. We are in the stalls and francesca drop feminine poducts and then drops it again and rolls to my side and i say,"Hey keep that to your side." We start laughing like crazy. Then Fran says ,"Hey...I think theres hair in my butt!!!" I said ,"What do you mean, like hair from your head?" She says yeah. We start laughing again. I leave the stall first and wahs my hands. Someone comes out of a stall. LOL. I tried so hard not to laugh. a lady comes in to the bathroom and gives me a weird look. I left the water running (thinking it would turn off automatically) and my sweatshirt on the counter and start drying my hands. Both women know who each other are. The older one says whose sweatshirt that is and the other one clears her hroat and looks at me. I stood under the dryer looking at them still trying not to laugh. They both leave slowly still looking at me, the sweatshirt, and the running water. Fran gets out aand i tell her the story and we laugh like crazy!!!!

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